Talon Medical Cabinet Manufacturing Auction Near Houston, Texas

Talon Medical Cabinet Manufacturer

We had an incredible medical cabinet manufacturing auction yesterday! Nothing unsold, and we secured top dollar for ALL Amada brakes. We successfully sold both powder coat lines and got a great return on the raw material inventory. At the end of the day, it was a great experience for our customers and our client. Thanks for your business Talon!

Talon, originally named S&S X-Ray Products, was founded in 1947 by Harold Shoenfeld and provided the most comprehensive array of x-ray viewers and accessories in the healthcare industry.  Under the leadership of Norm and Brian Shoenfeld, the company now focuses on medication chain-of-custody equipment, medical cabinet manufacturing equipment and patient positioning products.

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Manufacturing Auction Located Near Houston, Texas

Auction Date:  August 30th, 2020

Featured Medical Cabinet Manufacturing Auction Equipment:

(3) 33 Ton Amada Pega 357 Turret Punch w/Fanuc O4PC Control, Mfg:1993, 58 station, 2 Auto Index, 50” x 72”, 50” x 144” w/auto repositioning
33 Ton Amada Vipros 358 King II Turret Punch w/Fanuc O4PC Control, Mfg:1999, 58 Station, 4 Auto Index, 50” x 80”, 50” x 160” w/auto repositioning
(4) 55 Ton x 78.74” Amada FBD5020E Press Brake w/NC9EXII Control, 3-axis, Mfg:1992

Medical Cabinet Manufacturing Equipment Includes:

(2) 110 Ton x 122” Amada FBD1030E Press Brake w/NC9EX Control, 3-axis, Mfg:1988
110 Ton x 122” Amada RG100 Press Brake w/NC9EXII Control, 3-axis , Mfg:1993
88 Ton x 98.6” Amada RG80 Press Brake w/NC9EXII Control, s/n3-axis, Mfg:1999
(2) 88 Ton x 98.6” Amada FBD8025E Press Brake w/NC9EXII Control, 3-axis, Mfg:1995
Amada Pulsar LC1212A2 CO2 Laser, Fanuc 16-L CNC Control, Fanuc C1500B, Mfg:1995 w/Donaldson SDF6 Dust Collector
Huge Capacity of NEW Sheetmetal, Stainless & Mild Steel
Fully Automated Nordson Powder Coat System with Manual Touchup Booths
HAEGER Insertors, Wysong Shear, Full Machine Shop and Much More!

Location: 10625 Telge Rd, Houston, TX 77095

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