Texas Machinery Auction: A Quick Guide to Buying Machinery for Your Business

Texas Machinery Auction: A Quick Guide to Buying Machinery for Your Business

The closing of one door often opens another. This is seen frequently at Texas machinery auctions. People and companies hoping to get a great price on their assets meet with budding entrepreneurs, and the result often proves beneficial for both sides. When entering the world of heavy equipment and other asset auctions there are some important things to know. 

Do Your Research

Whether you’re buying or selling at a Texas machinery auction, you need to start by doing some research. If you’re selling equipment, begin the process by figuring out what similar items are going for in your area. This will help you set a fair reserve price, and you’ll also be better prepared to explain how your equipment stands out from others. 

Buyers also need to research exactly what they’re looking for and what they can expect to pay. This should include making a list of their requirements to avoid impulse buys. It’s important to know what you need before making a bid, but making sure you don’t go outside of your budget is just as important. 

Don’t Shy Away from Online Texas Machinery Auctions 

Don’t Shy Away from Online Texas Machinery Auctions People once scoffed at the idea of moving Texas machinery auctions into the digital space. Buyers and sellers alike seemed to be happy with in-person events where face-to-face interactions could take place. Once the coronavirus pandemic took its toll, though, online equipment auctions were the only available option for a while.

Fortunately, this turned out to be a good thing. Buyers had access to high-quality equipment from businesses that were scaling down, and sellers saw increased final bid prices on their items. Many people may return to in-person bidding once the pandemic is under control, but 2020 proved that online auctions offer valuable benefits. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of this. 

Consider Every Cost

When you’re buying equipment at a Texas machinery auction, your final bid isn’t always the final price. Keep in mind that you’ll typically have to transport purchased items on your own. You may even need to hire someone experienced in dismantling an item to make transportation easier. You should also keep an eye out for buyer’s premiums. In any event, make sure you know how the auction works before going in. 

Paying After Texas Machinery Auctions

Once you’ve made a purchase, you must verify how the seller accepts payment. They usually accept a company check, wire transfer, or cash. Make sure you understand their process before placing a bid. Online heavy equipment auction sites also typically have a payment processor on their platform. This can ensure everything goes smoothly. 

If you’re the seller of an item at a machinery auction, there are also several things you should know about collecting payments. Regardless of your role in the buyer-seller agreement, understanding the different payment processes at Texas machinery auctions is vital. 

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Auctions of heavy equipment and other assets create new opportunities for everyone involved. While sellers can recoup some of their money and put it to good use, buyers get great deals on essential equipment to move their business forward. Whether you attend in-person events or stay in the digital world, a Texas machinery auction can help you achieve your goals. 

If you’re ready to excel in the world of machinery auctioneering, visit IRS Auction today. Our online platform allows buyers and sellers to do business safely, in a professional setting. 

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3 Things To Know About Heavy Equipment Auctioneers

How Have Machinery Auctioneers Adapted To The COVID-19 Pandemic?

How To Register for Machinery Auctions

How To Register for Machinery Auctions

When you’re looking to sell your manufacturing assets, you’re probably like most people. You want a simple process and the most money for your equipment. If you’re planning to buy at a machinery auction, registration is important so you can get started on finding the lowest prices.

Here’s more on how to register to sell and bid on a machinery auction.

What Are the Benefits of a Machine Auction?

There are quite a few advantages of selling or buying through an online auction company. At IRS Auction, we are leaders in this industry and have much to offer our clients. Here are just a few benefits you can expect, whether you are a seller or buyer.

Selling on Machinery Auctions

One of the major benefits is having access to more buyers. Selling your items independently limits you to your own area. An online auction allows people from all over the world to bid on your machinery, which means you can get top dollar for your assets.

An online auction is also more cost-effective. Using a traditional onsite auction means a lot of staging, labor, and planning. All of this takes time and human resources. An online auction is easier to manage while giving you the potential to make more money.

It also minimizes the impact on your daily operations. With a traditional auction, your day-to-day operations get interrupted with people coming in to see your machinery. With an online auction, they can see everything remotely, no matter where they live. No more having to answer questions from potential buyers. It’s now out of your hands and into those of the auction professionals’.

Buying at Machinery Auctions

Buying online at machinery auctions has a wealth of benefits too. Not only can you look at everything 24/7, you have many choices with information right there to read. The chief advantage is the convenience of bidding right from your computer or phone. You can look at the many photos, videos, read the specifications, do your own research, and bid without ever leaving your home. The entire process is at your fingertips and saves you time and money.

How To Register for Machinery Auctions

How to Register for Machinery Auctions

Need to Sell Your Manufacturing  Machinery or Equipment?

Registering to sell at machinery auctions is easy and done in just a few simple steps. To get started with IRS Auction, call 817-222-9848 x 28 or email Britton New at britton@irsauction.com. 

Registering To Bid

It’s simple to get started with bidding on machinery auctions. You go to this form and create an account. There are choices in signing up for alerts and features only for those registered. These include adding machinery to your watch list and auction alerts.

You must agree to the privacy policy and BidSpotter’s terms and conditions. This is typical for any new registration.

We are a nationwide industrial auction/liquidation company with a focus on manufacturing machinery and equipment and a commercial real estate broker/investor in Fort Worth, Texas. We make sure you get the maximum return on your investment.

If you need more help or have questions for us, please contact our office at 817-222-9848 to speak to one of our professional representatives. We’re here to help whether you are buying or selling industrial assets of any kind.

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3 Things To Know About Heavy Equipment Auctioneers

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3 Things To Know About Heavy Equipment Auctioneers

3 Things To Know About Heavy Equipment Auctioneers

In the world of buying and selling machinery and other business assets, heavy equipment auctioneers play a vital role. When a company is downsizing or closing entirely, these auctions can provide a needed influx of capital. Those hoping to start or expand a business can find the equipment they need without breaking the bank. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. 

Before you dive headfirst into the world of heavy equipment auctions, it’s important to understand a few things. You can get top dollar for your property or find significant purchase savings, but only if you understand how the process works. Heavy equipment auctioneers occupy a complex world, but as long as you know the following facts, you’ll be able to navigate it easily. 

1. It’s Not Just “Going, Going, Gone!”

It’s easy to envision auctions of heavy equipment as a risky eBay purchase. This creates a fear that a person might purchase a damaged item and then have no recourse. In reality, heavy equipment auctioneers often take a more hands-on approach. There are a number of additional elements that make heavy equipment auctions unique. Consider the major elements of IRS Auction

  • Experienced auctioneers: All auctioneers are familiar with industrial equipment, and this knowledge allows them to keep both buyers and sellers fully informed. 
  • Evaluations: Evaluators with decades of experience examine machinery and other assets to determine their fair market price.
  • Marketing and advertising: A database of thousands of established buyers provide all listed items with expansive marketing they’d otherwise not receive. 
  • Repossessions: Buyers looking for great prices on used equipment have access to repossessed items that were recently recovered.

While some heavy equipment auctioneers take a hands-off approach, machine shop auctioneering firms like IRS Auction involve themselves in order to benefit buyers and sellers alike. Everyone deserves to know they’re getting a fair price and a good deal. Make sure you research an auctioneer to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. 

2. Understand Heavy Equipment Auctioneer Costs

Heavy equipment buyers at auctions often feel like they’ve gotten a deal too good to be true. This could easily be the case. Far too often, though, the buyer failed to account for all involved costs. Consider the following costs:

  • Buyer’s premium: Additional fee on top of the final bid price that goes to the auction house. 
  • Unexpected taxes: Local and state taxes may apply to purchased items.

Buyers and sellers won’t always encounter these costs, so it’s important to understand an auction’s policies before diving in. 

Heavy Equipment Auctions Have Moved Online
Most Auctions Are Moving Online

3. Online Heavy Equipment Auctions

When the COVID-19 virus spread across the world, no industry was immune to its effects. The industries that excelled during this time turned to technology. This is exactly what we saw with heavy equipment auctioneers. Many companies that ran auctions moved to online platforms. This resulted in an influx of new buyers and higher profits for sellers

Sellers also found savings in this new digital world because they were no longer paying overhead costs for in-person auctions. Everyone benefited when heavy equipment auctioneers shifted to the digital realm. If you’re just getting started in buying or selling machinery and other business assets, online platforms are a great place to learn the ropes. 

Reach Out to Heavy Equipment Auctioneers Today

Whether you’re downsizing, closing up shop, or looking to expand your business, heavy equipment auctions offer a real chance at success. Now that you understand how these events work, you can ensure you’re prepared for any potential complications. Since many heavy equipment auctioneers in Texas, Florida and the US are now online, you can jump into this world from the comfort of your own home.

Industrial Auctioneers in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas

Visit us today at IRS Auction to see how simple it can be to buy and sell machinery, real estate, and other assets. Contact us if you have questions! 

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7 Reasons To Attend Industrial Auctions

How Have Machinery Auctioneers Adapted To The COVID-19 Pandemic?

7 Reasons to Attend Industrial Auctions

7 Reasons to Attend Industrial Auctions

Not all auctions are estate auctions. Not all auctions have to do with cars, jewelry, or art. You can easily buy manufacturing machinery and equipment and industrial items at an auction as well. There are many advantages to industrial auctions that you may not be aware of. Here are seven of the best reasons to attend industrial auctions and what else you need to know before getting started.


Attend Industrial Auctions to Spend Less

There’s one truth about equipment: it is expensive. Since most of us don’t have an unlimited budget, saving money is important. An auction allows buyers to pay less than retail and save money on expensive industrial equipment. Everyone wants to stretch their budget as much as possible, and with an auction, you don’t have to sacrifice quality to get a good deal.

Work With the Professionals

Buying privately from someone you don’t know comes with risks. You may have to haggle over price, and in the worst cases, you can be a victim of fraud. When attending an industrial auction, you’re dealing with professionals. They know the business and act with integrity. You simply bid on what you are interested in and don’t have to worry about hard sales tactics or getting cheated out of your money. The professionals want both the seller and the buyer to have a pleasant experience so they have your best interests in mind.

Value Buys – Work with Our Industrial Auctioneers

Most of us know that machinery and manufacturing assets depreciate, just like automobiles. As soon as it leaves the lot, the value drops. With an auction, you don’t have to worry about the initial depreciation as you would if you purchased new. You nonetheless get to enjoy many years of service out of the equipment – and at a lower price than retail. Many auction companies have financing options. Those that do can approve you for up to 100 percent financing and offer a customized payback plan that fits your needs. You still get the section 179 deduction for buying used equipment at auction! Why would you not save a bundle and buy used! 

Maintenance Records

One thing that auction houses strive for is trust. If available, auction houses make maintenance logs and equipment service records available to the buyer. If these records are not available, they can put the buyer in touch with the seller who may have more information. At the very least, they should have the history of the machinery. This gives you insight into your new equipment. Most equipment at auction is sold under power and the buyer has the opportunity to come and inspect the assets before purchasing it. 

Bidding Options

Some people think you have to visit an auction in-person. Perhaps they’ve seen auctions in movies and figure that’s how it all happens. Well, not necessarily. While live auctions are fun and exciting, not everyone can attend. An online auction site is an alternative way to run this process. Most auction houses offer a variety of other bidding options besides in-person, including live online bidding, online pre-bidding (where bidders set a max bid and let the system bid for them), proxy bidding, and bidding via mobile apps.

Preview a Selection

Attending industrial auctions allows you to look at a variety of equipment. These sometimes include items not available at your local dealer. An auction might give you access to older, more difficult to find, models known for their great service, reliability, and performance. In some auctions, you’ll be able to see a massive variety of options for equipment that does similar tasks. You can also compare features and prices side-by-side.

Attend Industrial Auctions, Get a Vast Number of Choices

Another major benefit is the choices you have. When going to a dealer, you may see one or two choices in brands. At an industrial auction, you not only have different manufacturers, but you also can look at equipment from a variety of values and age. This also gives you choices for your budget. As you know, just because a piece of equipment is older, doesn’t mean it does not hold its value or work just as good as it did when first bought.

These are just a few reasons why you might want to consider an industrial auction for your next equipment purchase — or sale. If you need more help or have questions for us, please contact our auction office at 817-222-9848 to speak to one of our online auction representatives or visit IRSauction.com. 

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How Have Machinery Auctioneers Adapted To The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Industrial Auction

How have Machinery Auctioneers Adapted to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

How have Machinery Auctioneers Adapted to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Industry professionals have long viewed machinery auctioneers as a vital source of affordable equipment. Has this changed in a world plagued by COVID-19?

Few industries can emerge unscathed from a global pandemic. As we’ve seen with the effects of COVID-19 on machinery auctioneers, this includes industries that traditionally benefit from shuttered businesses. Even with an influx of equipment to put up for sale, these professionals now have a situation where large gatherings, like in-person auctions, simply aren’t safe. 

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean the end of equipment auctioneering. As with every other industry, adjustments were necessary because of COVID-19. When looking at the overall effect of these changes, the adjustments have in fact proved beneficial for anyone seeking to buy or sell equipment. 


A Move Towards Digital Machine Auctions

A Move Towards Digital Machine Auctions

Professionals from many industries have dealt directly with machinery auctioneers. They often did this at live auction sites where bidders and sellers came together to strike a great deal. Once coronavirus lockdowns shuttered in-person events, significant changes occurred within the machinery auction industry. Suddenly, traditional auctions were no longer an option. 


This new reality seemed like the perfect storm of bad luck. Businesses across the country went from temporary to permanent closures due to the economic impact of the pandemic. While machinery auctioneers traditionally provided a valuable financial resource for business owners closing up shop, their live events were no longer safe and were sometimes illegal. 


Fortunately, the framework to continue the machinery auction business had been in place for years. Online machinery auctions are nothing new. Many companies had put this technology on the back burner in favor of in-person events. Once the industry shifted its focus to a digital world, the increase in bids, sales, and even prices compared to in-person auctions surprised everyone. 


Soaring Prices for Sellers 

It’s easy to envision a situation where the effects of COVID-19 on machinery auctioneers and their clients would be devastating. One might think that buyers would be less willing to bid if they weren’t onsite to inspect the equipment. Fortunately, this potentially disastrous outcome never occurred. In fact, online equipment auction sales saw enormous increases. 


This was particularly beneficial for sellers of equipment. Many of these individuals were closing down businesses and were hoping to get as much capital as possible from selling used machinery. Soaring auction prices suddenly gave these former business owners a financial cushion to rely on after closing their company’s doors. 


Machinery auctioneers faced significant hurdles thanks to COVID-19, but they adapted to the situation. In so doing, they brought in droves of new buyers and increased the eventual sale prices for assets ranging from heavy equipment to real estate. They simultaneously helped the owners of shuttered businesses and those who were just starting out. 

What Does the Future Hold for Machine Auctions? 

What Does the Future Hold for Machine Auctions? 

Even though the effect of coronavirus on machinery auctioneers wasn’t detrimental, there’s no doubt that the industry changed. With the COVID-19 vaccine rolling out and expected to be available to most folks by summer of 2021, the question of “what happens next?” is on everyone’s mind. 

Like most innovations that come from necessity, online equipment auctions are probably here to stay. Many will undoubtedly jump at the chance to attend in-person auctions, but new and long-time buyers alike will continue to take advantage of the simplicity provided by digital platforms. One thing that could change is the increase in final bid prices.


While many companies were shutting down because of the pandemic, many others were opening their doors for the first time. This was no doubt partially driven by the mass availability of affordable equipment from machinery auctioneers. Once things get back to normal, it’s possible that the influx of high-value final bid prices will diminish. As with all things related to COVID-19, however, only time will tell. 

Don’t Take a Hit When Selling Equipment

While machinery auctioneers received a significant blow because of COVID-19, it’s other business owners that took the brunt. On top of having to close up shop because of the pandemic, many had difficulty finding in-person equipment auctions that could mitigate the damage to their financial well-being. Fortunately, auction companies overcame the potential for disaster.

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If you’re looking to sell equipment, machinery, assets, or even real estate, visit IRS Auction today. Auction prices have increased significantly during this time, so make sure you strike while the iron is hot. Our machinery auctioneers and industrial auctioneers can help ensure you get a fair price for your properties. Contact us today to get started!

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