Drill Bit Manufacturer Auction in Houston, TX

Drill Bit Manufacturer Auction in Houston, TX

Our Drill Bit Manufacturer auction in Houston, TX went great! We’d like to thank all of our auction bidders and clients for making this a great auction experience. Thanks to our Manufacturing Auctioneer Experts, this Drill Bit Manufacturing auction secured top dollar for our client’s investments. See our auction highlights below!

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Auction Date: Oct 29th 2020
Drill bit manufacturer auction in Houston, TX

1310 Rankin Road, Houston, TX 77073

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If you or someone you know needs to liquidate manufacturing equipment or an entire manufacturing plant shop please call us at 817-222-9848 to speak with a professional manufacturing auctioneer!

Featured Drill Bit Manufacturing Auction Items:

(2) 2008/2007 Doosan HM630 with 5 Axis Rotary Pallet

2006 Puma 400L

2005 Daewoo Mill DMV 8030S

(2) Okuma LB35

Mazak Quick Turn 35XS

(4) Toyoda FA630

Abrasive Blast System Shot Peen 3N1201

Tool Grinders, Granite Surface Tables, Parts Washers, Single Lot 3 racks of Ring and Plug Gages,

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